Friday, February 27, 2009


Well Romana might have her daily fashion fix, personally i need "visual" fix rather than the fashion thing, yes sometimes fashion photography also kicks ass, but i do like it more for the photography, than the fashion, so here are some of the images i extracted today from the web.... i wont name authors (sorry to the authors), but my intention is to try to go deeper in their work someday soon in another post....

so if you are an author of one of this images, e.mail me remembering me to post about ur work and give you your right credit... ;)

yes, i am a visual junkie, i know... enjoy meanwhile!

Monday, February 16, 2009

and where do you get your daily fashion fix?

hola! how are you today? haven't been updating my blog for a while, not that i wasn't writing in the meanwhile, just that i was writing all over and around. busy days i guess. but that's good. lots of energy, creativity and inspirations all over.

Romana for Mladina, Slovenia, taken in Rog.

in all that buzz, where do you get your daily fashion fix? i mean, i love all the glossy magazines, my house is full of them. i can't throw them away - you never know when you might need something from 1993 or so. and i love to see the pics and editorials over and over again. it's always like a new experience. always seeing them with different experience, views, feelings.

this week New York Fashion Week is in it's full buzz. and Giorgio Armani is opening his big store on 5th avenue. while in NY he is also a guest blogger at The Moment. check it out, it's amuzing.

so, besides the magazines, where you get your inspirations? some of mine (but i'm sure i forgot to add some...) below...

some of my fave blogs (until this moment):
- Garance Doré, fashion blog, french but international, and tres belle! love the photos and txt (as much as i can understand it)
- The Sartorialist
- Fashion-ation
- The Moment

on-line shopping pages: good also just for 'window-shopping' and getting ideas, following trends. discounts are good and selection also:
- La Garcone
- Net-A-Porter

on-line mags and pages:
- Hintmag
- Iconique
- zoomzoom
- Unvogue
- TMagazine

flip through and share yours if you'd like...

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