Thursday, October 29, 2009


September 23, 2009. Sidney, Australia:

*images by FLICKR users: MEZZA, HIGHRANGER, +Minas, Eddy, africadunc, MarchingAnts

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

LA76 photography in new issue of ESCAPES magazine

This time we'd like to showcase some work we did in the field of photography. We are happy to say that ESCAPES magazine chose us as their main photography contributor for their current edition, which is going to be out all around Baja California Sur from November 2009 to February 2010 in 15,000 pieces, as well as on-line.

What we did? As the magazine is focusing on the promotion of Baja California Sur, living, culture, traditions and places all around, we created for them: the cover, which is an illustration, based on Pineda Covalin artwork; the cover for real estate section, taken in a beautiful modernist home in Los Barriles. Then we participated with some images in 10 Top Escapes section... We gladly did a reportage from an exotic garden in Todos Santos, and toured an organic coffee roasting factory of Cabo Coffee Company in Cabo San Lucas. It was addictive to be there, believe us... And if we weren't their fans before (but we are from very beginning), we'd become ones.

We're showing our work for the cover here, and for other work we did for ESCAPES we invite you to flip through this digital magazine or send an email to, they can send you a printed copy.

If interested, you can contact us for any photo-purchase inquiries.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Architecture folds into the landscape

Is not yet a "tendency", and not even yet a "trend", but it seems that to this years' jury of the architectural FAD prize (Promotion of the Decorative Arts) a door opens towards an architecture more respectful with the landscape. Mainly two of the winner works (Architecture and City and Landscape) would be, each of them in its own way, a reflection of this switch in mentality. In the first case, the prize for Architecture has been given to the young Portuguese architect Joao Maria Trinidade for his Garducho Biological Station (Mourao, Portugal). As Arcadi Pla (president of the jury) tells us, the huge mass of the building stands out in the middle of the natural reserve where is located. "But the interesting part is that the building lifts itself from the ground, allowing the free pass of nature both flora and fauna", Says Pla. "This way it becomes in some kind of tree from where to observe and at the same time welcome the nature of the site".
*Garducho Biological Station by VenturaTrinidade architects, photos by Andre Carvalho/Jose Manuel Silva

The project winner of the City and Landscape category, aims to minimize the presence of the construction and chooses to work mainly with the water fluxes and the variation of the flora. We are talking about the Park of the Waters in Zaragoza, from architects Iñaki Alday and Margarita Jover. The Jury mentions that is an "emblematic project because of the sustainable landscape-solution used". It is the recovery of an abandoned and derelict meander of the Ebro River which has been transformed into a recreational and educational area.
*images of the Park of the Waters in Zaragoza

The prizes which where given on Friday at Barcelona, had also recognized in the Ephemeral Interventions chapter, in the work "Miramiralls", a ludic installation with deforming mirrors that the team of Dani Freixas did in the Tibidabo Park (Barcelona).
*detail of the miramiralls installation by Dani Freixas

To this 51st edition of the FAD prize, which has no economical prize, 522 works applied. In june where selected as finalists just 27 of them. "It has been a very small selection, but we feel it represents what is happening in the present. We start to see where is the architecture of the future going to", said also Arcadi Pla. "More than the sustainability of buildings itself, there is a switch of philosophy in the way of understanding where the architecture places in the landscape. Its footprint is becoming more and more subtle".

*Garducho Biological Station by VenturaTrinidade architects, photos by Andre Carvalho/Jose Manuel Silva

Friday, October 9, 2009

You can't Sing a Blog

Although we like the internet, and we like the reach we get of the stuff we like and like to share, we also like a lot this text and we wanted to share it (i kind of repeated everything all over, sorry im confused since i found out Obama is peace Nobel Prize.... WTF¿?) anyway, this excerpt taken from James Murphy's (LCD soundsystem) myspace site, referring about the internet:


The internet is funny. i avoided all of it for a long time because it seemed gross and lame. i mean, i fought with my label not to have a myspace page at all in the beginning because, well, because i'm old and weird and buy vinyl records and do things like write letters, and it all seemed too strange. so they made one anyway, and i avoided it.

When i came back from the last tour, i found something insane like 13,000 messages in the lcd inbox (after wrangling the access passwords and crap from capitol) and felt pretty badly that there was so much personal mail from people that went totally unanswered, then set out to answer as much of it as i could without giving up my life completely, and did.

Anyway, i've noticed lately that almost all my myspace messages come from other things promoting themselves, and less and less from people reaching out, so it's less interesting, for sure. but then i found out that the label had started a facebook (and, of all things, "twitter") account "on my behalf", and i grabbed the access to them, as well. i mean, if people are going to think stuff is coming from you, then it might as well be coming from you, you know? so there.

This is still the better place to write these longer things, for sure, but i noticed that the facebook page is more idiotic and hilarious. twitter... well, i don't quite get it.

Anyway, i'm making a record, as previously blathered about, and this means that my horrible, useless website is getting redone by my friend sonya. i mean, it sucks, which was my choice. i was like "can this look more horrible?" i wish i was kidding, but i happen to like crap. i just do. but she's promised to work with me to make sure it's still unwieldy and awkward, which is good preparation for everything else lcdish, and i promise to be less grumpy about things actually being “useful”. it’s just that things that are too “useful”... well, i don’t entirely trust them. i kind of like useless things. for instance—and this is a pretty facile and simplified metaphor here—art is useless, and nazis made lots of useful things. i like dumb meandering things that make me happy and confused, and don’t particularly like “effective marketing tools designed for maximum accurate data capture” blah blah blah. it all sounds so sad and functional. i don’t like the idea of people sitting in a room talking about the best way to word things to get the right reaction from a base of “users” etc. i don’t like thinking that those people used to love to do something, or wanted to be something, and would up measuring the best way to manipulate other people. i honestly don’t judge them, but i feel weird, and sort of sad—not FOR them, in a pitying way, as i have no idea how they fell, for fuck’s sake, and i’m a ridiculous person by the measure of a pretty deep cut of the population—but ABOUT them.

Anyway, marcus (shit robot), my friend and dfa artist, is coming over to have an espresso and a shot of tequila (not mixed) before he goes to santos to dj with the holy ghost guys. marcus has a kid, which i think is totally amazing. he’s a great dj and here to get his album done with me. lives in germany now, so just visiting. and here, on this weird thing, i can just say “marcus is coming over for an espresso” and it goes from simple, personal fact that i might tell nick from holy ghost in a text (in fact, just did) to a weird other-meaning thing that exists here... or everywhere. i’m not so used to this personal as media shit. but, on the other hand, what’s the difference really between this and a song about something personal?

oh, right. you can’t sing a blog."

And after this a classic from LCD Soundsystem:

LCD SOUNDSYSTEM - Daft Punk Is Playing At My House

rUmPeLsTiLtSkIn|MySpace Videos

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Graphic Designer vs Client

we can stop laughing with this video....!!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Mini Karl

Do you remember our entry about "Designer Dolls" we did months ago??, well seems is not a fading trend, now we bring you the latest of the "design stars" toys:

the Mini Karl:

No doubt Karl Lagerfeld is also a design icon. This mini replica of the Kaiser its signed by Tokidoki. Hope nobody gets surprised if in a couple of years Lagerfeld becomes some kind of a designer-version hello-kitty-like phenomenon. The problem is how to start, and Karl has already done it. Here's his first step into "playful immortality", a vinyl sculpture by the Italian artist Simone Legno that under full japanese influence signs its works as "Tokidoki".

Mini Karl is a limited edition of 1000 units, and they are for sale (129 Euros) at K Karl Lagerfeld stores and also at Tokidoki. There is also a t-shirt version you might carry around in your next walk through the city.

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