Thursday, March 19, 2009

ESCAPES magazine issue #3 is out

Here it is; new issue of ESCAPES magazine is in print and about to come to the streets of Baja in couple of days. Many sleeples nights, long hours trying to find the inspiration for words and stories, running around for photo-shootings, gathering material for stylings, then sitting together with the designer moving things around and trying to find the perfect place for words & pictures. But, it wasn't all that 'hard'. We enjoyed photoshoots at El Rincon, where we wnjoyed the views and watched whales jumping out of the water; and in Los Barriles, a small pleasant town in East Cape of BCS.
Check the magazine, photos will say more.

p.s. Most of the text and photos in the magazine are by LA76. The cover photo is from the winner of ESCAPES in Baja Photo Contest. Dunes from Guerrero Negro.

Friday, March 13, 2009

kenzo, sushi, osaka

yesterday i finished a new issue of ESCAPES magazine, today it went to print. i feel relieved and happy and it will feel especially gooooood when i receive the fresh smelling copy from the printerts.

so, today i finally had some time to catch up on news, happenings in the world out-there, and have a lunch as a normal person. my new favorite japanese restaurant in Cabo is Osaka, and if we had winter here, i'd like to have this coat from Kenzo.

and the looong weekend is coming, yay :) life feels good again.

Friday, March 6, 2009

i wish i was a Mayan princess

i've been very busy these days, preparing new issue of ESCAPES magazine to go to print. today i took some photos in a silver store Marquina here in Cabo, and i want to share with you this amazing bracelet. it is made in ancient Navaho style, with 98% silver; you can wear it anywhere, bath with it, go to the ocean with it and the silver and turquoise stones will always stay the same.

In ancient times, only Mayan princesses were allowed to wear turquoise stone. i wish i was a Mayan princess :)

Monday, March 2, 2009


with fashion is not just about the fashion itself. it's also about visual presentation, photographer's eye and the feeling & sensibility you get from the image. for me, "the visual part" is a big part of fashion seduction. here are some of today's fashion photos that cought my attention, seen at T-magazine.

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