Monday, November 10, 2008

Oktober, Gorenje and Ora-ïto on Russian Fashion Week

If you haven't heard about Slovenia yet, you should start looking out for it. Only 2 mio country, but with 4 NBA players (Mexico with more than 105 mio people has only 1, and Spain the world champion has 5), 5 olympic medals this year, and so many great fashion designers, creative people and such a cool wibe.

My fav Slovenian fashion brand is Oktober. As its name holds some nostalgia and 'revolution', it indeed signifies a real romantic revolution. Together with one of the best home appliances provider, Gorenje, they do some really cool stuff.

Like last year, also this year they were winning over Russian lovers at Russian Fashion Week in Moscow. Gorenje presented theit new collection of home appliances, Gorenje Ora-Ïto White. Their models were wearing white Oktober dresses, so as DJ SHE, one of the most famous Russian DJs.


Anonymous said...

i like whitish as well as blackish line...they are good team.

Romana said...

thank you dear. i miss your belgrade updates, though... wish to hear&read from you more. besos

mankica said...

ja gorenje je naredilo celo (toatlno hudo) kampanjo in ko sem vidla, kakšno mogočno stvar so ustvarili, skoraj nisme mogla verjet, da je to sploh slovenska firma. hehe. smo imeli eno iz marketinaga na faksu kot gostjo na enem predavanju in nam je mal povedala, kako gorenje tržijo po svetu in kakšne dogodke s povabljenimi megazvezdniki prirejajo kot promocijo. ful dobro v glavnem. :)

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