Monday, June 1, 2009


This is one of the reasons we love design in all its expressions. Sometimes there are these things of exquisite beauty for example this work by Alan Clarke. Wonderfully evocative. Bright, fun, exciting. Simple and yet complex. The kind of thing you'd buy and stick on the wall.

it is simple and geometrical and comunicates a message in a clear simple way, something that makes me remember the work of Lance Wyman for the Mexico '68 Olympics graphics.

-Lance Wyman's logos for Mexico '68 olympics

Seems Alan is a recent graduate, but we may be wrong. Sadly these posters are only speculative and not actually for the 2012 Olympics. But if someone from Tfl or LOGOC is reading you should give him a call, immediately.

Graphic design at it's best. Lovely.


Anonymous said...

amazing and intelligent in it's simplicity

Sharon said...

Oh I love these!

Romana said...

that'd be a great campaign for the olympics. striking, bold, simple, elegant and visually very very attractive...

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