Monday, October 5, 2009

Mini Karl

Do you remember our entry about "Designer Dolls" we did months ago??, well seems is not a fading trend, now we bring you the latest of the "design stars" toys:

the Mini Karl:

No doubt Karl Lagerfeld is also a design icon. This mini replica of the Kaiser its signed by Tokidoki. Hope nobody gets surprised if in a couple of years Lagerfeld becomes some kind of a designer-version hello-kitty-like phenomenon. The problem is how to start, and Karl has already done it. Here's his first step into "playful immortality", a vinyl sculpture by the Italian artist Simone Legno that under full japanese influence signs its works as "Tokidoki".

Mini Karl is a limited edition of 1000 units, and they are for sale (129 Euros) at K Karl Lagerfeld stores and also at Tokidoki. There is also a t-shirt version you might carry around in your next walk through the city.

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