Sunday, May 11, 2008

On the sunny side of the world

This week I'm celebrating my first 6 months of living at the end of the world, or more precisely, at Land's end. I changed my beautiful European country Slovenia for something spatially much bigger and larger - Mexico.

I get many questions about Slovenia, so let me explain in short who we are: no, we are not Eastern Europeans, we were not a part of Russia nor Checkoslovakia. We are proudly located in the Centre of Europe, connecting West Europe to the East and Balkans. We were part of Yugoslavia (some of you might remember Tito, and we are neighbours to Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia. Currently we are leading the presidency of EU. There are only 2 million people living in Slovenia, and you can cruise the country from sea-side Primorska to the very north-east part in Prekmurje in some cozy 3 hours drive. We have the sea, mountains, lakes, beautiful green plains, lots of forests, and so much more. The whole Europe in one country!

There are many things that Slovenia and Mexico have in common, except for those few Slovenians that live here. Our history started many years ago in times of Habsburg monarchy, when we shared the same emperor, emperor Maximilliano.

I now live in Cabo San Lucas. The weather is perfect, sunny all the time (in fact we have only about 15 rainy days). I live by the ocean, as I always wanted. The landscape around here is amazing, desert clasping into the ocean, or more exactly two oceans, Pacific and Sea of Cortes. You can see the dolphins and whales swimming by the shore...
But, I'm still tripping for all that urban & European vibes (design, fashion, music, architecture, photography ...), all the things that make your heart beat faster. On these pages I will share them with you.

Hasta la vista!


CerpinTaxt said...

Hola Romana :)

Glad you finnaly started blogging.. Looking forward to reading you.. :)

Greetings from Slovenia!

Anonymous said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely. I will feed myself with your stories especially about love, design and sea.:) What else we need!

Anonymous said...

Hola, Romana
this is great. I'm looking forward to reading you and talking to you about all these great topics.

Slovenia loves U.

Romana said...

thank you all very much! see you around!

urbanapodgana said...

Lep pozdrav iz Ljubljanske tržnice, kjer diši po spomladanskih jagodah!

Romana said...

aaaah! pomlad, jagode, trznica, Ljubljana, ... nekje iz spomina lanskega leta sem privlekla njihov vonj. tukaj ne disijo tako dobro in sladko. ce bo srece, bom lahko jeseni jedla kake zapoznele... :)

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