Thursday, May 22, 2008

Weekend getaway to a Mexican wedding

Today we are changing Los Cabos's village surroundings with urban zones (full of traffic, smoke and dust) of Mexico City and beautiful city Cuernavaca. I might sound a bit too excited about this trip than I usually would be, but this is the first opportunity to travel somewhere outside Baja in half year time, and I'm eager to learn and experience more of Mexico. The reason for our weekend getaway is our friends' wedding in Cuernavaca, a beautiful city one hour outside Mexico City. Cuernavaca is a town with ethernal spring, and the wedding will take place in traditional Mexican Hacienda.

At this moment I am full of expectations and colorful images in my head filled with comments from my colleagues and friends about Mexican weddings. Nothing like weddings in Slovenia I suppose? I will keep you posted in following days.


Anonymous said...

As I could see on wikipedia, Cuernavaca looks like some medieval Italian city. Have a great fun in Mexican way. :)

Romana said...

actually, as Mariano would say, it is colonial and modernist mexican architecture. and it's absolutely beautiful! i'll be uploading photos soon.

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