Sunday, January 3, 2010

Stay True in 2010

New year, new decade, new wishes, new goals, new visions, new desires...

In 2010 LA76 wishes you:

Big thoughts translated in small actions that make a difference, every day. 
Commitment, care, contribution, cooperation, confidence. Knowledge
A bunch of creativity anywhere and everywhere. 
Good stuff to feed your mind.
Excellence without exceptions.
Generosity, dignity and fearlessness.
True meanings. Honesty and authenticity. 
Great contexts and great expectations
Steady, but consistent growth; and lots of patience with it... 
Steady communication & relationships in online and the real world.
To share, heart, focus and simplify on what really matters.
Lots of true love, passion and obsession, enthusiasm and fascination.
Time to take it easy, at least once in a while. 

Above all, we wish you to stay TRUE. To yourself, your loved ones, your business partners and clients, the world. Because that’s what really matters and makes a difference.

Romana & Onairam


b.v. said...

hi, great blog! i really like your message for 2010... i have copied it as a reminder of important things... :)

Romana said...

thank you Bojana!
i have printed it as well. it is just easier to remember things when you have them written down, otherwise they might just get forgotten :)
have a great day!

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